Where to start with weight loss

Being overweight is a huge motivator for losing weightProper weight loss starts with setting specific goals and creating motivation. Additionally, you must undergo a physical exam to check your hormone levels and the function of each organ. This will allow you to develop a suitable diet and speed up your metabolism as much as possible. If a disease causing obesity is found, your doctor may prescribe some kind of treatment. Self-selected diets rarely prove to be ideal and have no negative consequences when completed.Have you decided to lose weight without outside help? Then read this article carefully - here you will find the answers to all your questions, except those related to medicine. What affects the appearance of being overweight? Malnutrition, negative lifestyle, bad habits, stress and lack of sleep. Start living your life differently and you'll start losing weight!

motivation to lose weight

Its implications are huge, because without motivation you won't be able to lose weight: you'll often crash, which will bring all efforts to zero. A great motivator for weight loss is an old "slim" photo, an upcoming event, or a major change in your life. Once you decide on your goal, set a time frame within which you can lose weight. This shouldn't be an abstract period of time, but a well-calculated period of time during which you can shed excess pounds.To do this, be sure to calculate your ideal weight and estimate how many extra calories you can "burn" each week/month. This is the only way you can know how long it may take to lose weight. The strictness of the diet also depends on the duration - everything is interconnected in this process. Be sure to visualize your goals and surround yourself with reminders of what you are striving for. Mark your progress on the calendar on your way to your precious date. If you don't break the rules of your new diet, be sure to use a scale that's sure to excite you.

Calculation of daily caloric intake

Before you think about where to start losing weight, start a food journal and record what you eat for a week or two. It is then analyzed by calculating the calories consumed each day and the proportions of fat, protein and carbohydrates. If you don't think about your own wishes, it's worth finding out how much food your body needs now. There are many formulas on the internet that can help you find this number. Remember two things:
  1. You must understand how many calories your body uses to maintain its vital functions;
  2. You must calculate your daily requirements and take into account your energy expenditure for work, cleaning, training, etc.
To lose weight, you must reduce the calorie content in your diet by 200-300 kcal per week - this is the only way the body can adjust calmly without thinking of it as a strict diet. Remember: You cannot consume fewer calories per day than your body uses on its vital functions and activities. In other words, if you find that you need to consume 1200 calories to maintain the function of all systems in the body, and you consume 600 calories at work and at home, then your diet should not exceed 1800 calories.Without proper nutrition, a person absorbs 2, 000 calories or more per day in a diet consisting mostly of harmful fats and easily digestible carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity and damage to muscles and skin. In addition to monitoring your calorie intake, you also need to be smart about your intake of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The correct ratio of these ingredients is 1: 4: 1, but this ratio is only suitable for ordinary people, i. e. people who are not trying to gain muscle mass or consume fat burners.Reducing the caloric content of your diet and changing its nutritional value isn't everything. Many times, when asked where to start to lose weight properly, the answer is that you need to drink more water, and that's true. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, not in big gulps, but in small, regular sips. You can add a slice of fresh lemon - this will speed up the process of eliminating toxins from the body. Overall, these measures will improve metabolism, cleanse the body, and result in weight loss.

How to cook and eat while losing weight?

Before deciding where to start your weight loss process, consider whether you can:
  • Try to reduce your appetite, which can cause you to consume more than you actually need. To do this, get rid of all the candy and other unhealthy snacks in your home. Fill your plates and bags with fruit and snacks to satisfy sudden hunger pangs. Main meals should be eaten every 4 hours, with nutritious snacks in between: nuts, salad, vegetable sandwiches;
  • Start having breakfast! Breakfast should make up at least 30% of your daily diet so you don't feel too hungry at night. Food in the morning should be nutritious, mainly carbohydrates, and in the afternoon and evening should be protein, vegetables, and fruits;
  • Don’t eat at night – your last meal is 3 hours before retiring for the night. This will reduce the burden on your stomach and excess weight, allowing you to sleep better;
  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Tasty foods with spices will help and you'll chew it like gum - until you've squeezed out all the juice;
  • Food should not be fried or fried. Use the grill or slow cooker to create versatile, healthy and nutritious meals. Can be flavored with a variety of spices and homemade low-fat sauces;
  • Try to buy quality products, so study the labels on all products carefully;
  • Schedule fasting days for yourself regularly – this will speed up the process of losing weight and cleansing your body, while also improving your mental-emotional state – tested!
  • When you pour yourself a serving of food, put a spoon back. You can also use small plates - this way it looks like there's a lot of food but you're eating very little;
  • Your nutritional approach should take your wishes into account - this is the key to good results. Nothing good comes from inflicting violence on yourself, so look for compromise. For example, you can't live without pizza. To do this, learn to cook for yourself - this already makes it healthier, and secondly, on the eve of eating it, limit yourself, which will allow you not to exceed the daily allowed calorie intake;
  • Plan next week's menu so you don't have to worry about cooking this week. This will make the transition to a new diet easier.
Don't try to lose weight with off-the-shelf diets, as most of them are not universal and can be harmful to many people. For example, in addition to rapid weight loss, low-calorie diets can exacerbate chronic disease and lead to weight gain after they end. A low-fat diet can lead to overexertion and worsening of appearance, while vegetarianism is not suitable for our climate because it puts undue stress on the heart.

What you can and cannot eat during weight loss

The list of healthy products is something everyone knows - it includes fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, pasta and whole-grain breads, lean meats and some offal, and fermented dairy products. Where to start with losing weight at home? - Reject the following "harmful things":
  • Flour products, yeast candies and various types of dough;
  • fried food;
  • Potato;
  • sausages and semi-finished products;
  • Mayonnaise and store-bought sauces;
  • potato chips, biscuits;
  • fast food;
  • Sweet, carbonated, alcoholic beverages.
Replace sweets with raw desserts, carob sweet drinks, herbal teas and natural coffee. Fast food can be easily replaced with pita bread, vegetables, boiled chicken, and low-calorie sauce; pizza can be simply prepared at home with the "right" ingredients. Here are the main meals: a variety of fish, meal meats, vegetable soups, nutritious salads, all served with homemade sauces and a variety of spices.

Exercise and beauty for weight loss

Often when women or men are asked where to start losing weight, they reply that the first thing you need to do is sign up at a gym or at least start doing squats and abs at home. However, fitness is only complementary to proper nutrition, healthy sleep, and maintaining water balance in the body. Aerobic exercise, such as running, skipping, cycling, swimming, and dancing, will help with weight loss. The purpose of strength training is not only to burn fat, but also to tighten muscles and skin. Start exercising three times a week for at least 20 minutes, then increase the time to 40 minutes and the frequency to 5-7 times.It is best to train in the morning, when fresh energy has not yet entered the body with breakfast and the body needs to use fat deposits to generate its own energy. In addition, exercise helps speed up metabolism, purify the body, and improve health and mood, which will definitely have a positive effect on the weight loss process. If you want to start exercising at home, there are various "Where to Start Losing Weight" courses where experienced trainers will tell you what to pay attention to when exercising for the first time and how to get yourself back to your normal body shape so that you can increase the intensity of your exercise.Take care of your body from the outside by applying various body wraps, visiting the massage room and preparing scrubs. For example, honey massage helps eliminate excess bulk and cleanse the skin. Vacuum roller massage or rubbing with a cup is very effective in getting rid of cellulite. Scrubs help cleanse the skin and wraps tighten the skin. By interacting with your body through the skin, you improve blood and lymph flow and break down cellulite - stimulating the release of excess fluid and the breakdown of fat cells.A combination of these suggestions will help you:
  • Speed up your metabolism;
  • purify the body;
  • Become a healthier and more beautiful person;
  • Of course, losing a lot of weight;
  • Be cheerful and active.
We wish you the best in achieving your goals!